English Literature MCQ – 5

English Literature MCQ – 5

201. Which of the following is an essayist?

(a) Chaucer
(b) John Wycliffe
(c) Charles Lamb
(d) Spenser
Answer: C

202. “Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thoughts” is a quotation from –

(a) Wordsworth
(b) Shelly
(c) John Keats
(d) Blake
Answer: B

203. Dryden and Alexander Pope are……poets.

(a) Neo-classical
(b) Elizabethan
(c) Victorian
(d) Modern
Answer: A

204. Who is known as the poet of Nature? [সহকারী সহকারী পরিসংখ্যান অফিসার – ১৯৯৮]

(a) Wordsworth
(b) Shelly
(c) Keats
(d) All of them
Answer: A

205. Who of the following was both a poet and painter? [১৫তম বিসিএস]

(a) Wordsworth
(b) Coleridge
(c) Blake
(d) Keats
Answer: C

206. Emile Zola is a famous –

(a) English novelist
(b) American Novelist
(c) Irish novelist
(d) French Novelist
Answer: D

207. O’Henry was known as –

(a) American short story writer
(b) British short story writer
(c) Irish dramatist
(d) Roman Short story writer
Answer: A

208. A famous Mock Epic poet in English Literature is –

(a) Alexander Pope
(b) Tennyson
(c) Browning
(d) Shelley
Answer: A

209. Arthur Clarke is known as –

(a) a science fiction writer
(b) a modern dramatist
(c) a famous English Novelist
(d) A short story writer
Answer: A

210. Bertrand Russell was a British –

(a) novelist
(b) essayist
(c) poet
(d) philosopher
Answer: ড

211. Who is the most satirist in English Literature? [১২তম বিসিএস]

(a) Alexander Pope
(b) Jonathon swift
(c) Dryden
(d) Spenser
Answer: B

212. A famous essayist in Renaissance is –

(a) Charles Lamb
(b) Tomas Moore
(c) Thomas Carlyle
(d) John Wycliffe
Answer: D

213. A famous Playwright in Modern English Literature is –

(a) Oscar Wild
(b) Bacon
(c) Lamb
(d) T.S. Eliot
Answer: A

214. John Galsworthy is a…..dramatist.

(b) Elizabethan
(c) Romantic
(d) Modern
Answer: D

215. Which Century belongs to Victorian Period? [১৬তম বিসিএস]

(a) 19th.
(b) 20th
(c) 17th
(d) 18th
Answer: A

216. Who is the famous woman novelist in Victorian Age?

(a) E.B. Browning
(b) George Eliot
(c) T.S Eliot
(d) Austen
Answer: B

217. Which of the following is a 19th century woman novelist?

(a) Emily Dickinson
(b) Ezra Pound
(c) Virginia Woolf
(d) George Eliot
Answer: D

218. Alexander Dumas was a famous….novelist.

(a) American
(b) English
(c) Irish
(d) French
Answer: D

219. Karl Marx was born in –

(a) Germany
(b) India
(c) Russia
(d) England
Answer: A

220. The Poet Laureate is –

(a) the best poet of the country
(b) a winner of Noble Prize in Poetry
(c) the court poet of England
(d) a classical poet
Answer: C

221. The first English Dictionary was compiled by – [১৫তম, ১৮তম ও ২৮তম বিসিএস]

(a) Isaac Walton
(b) Samuel Johnson
(c) Samuel Butler
(d) Sir Thomas Browne
Answer: B

222. Shakespeare is known mostly for his – [১৬তম বিসিএস]

(a) poetry
(b) an autobiography
(c) a diary
(d) plays
Answer: D

223. What is the full name of the great American short story writer O’Henry?

(a) William Sidney Porter
(b) Walt Whitman
(c) Marjorie Kennan Rowling
(d) Samuel Butler
Answer: A

224. ‘Hamlet’ by Shakespeare is –

(a) a comedy
(b) a tragic comedy
(c) an epic
(d) a tragedy
Answer: D

225. Who is of the following both a poet and a novelist?

(a) George Eliot
(b) Thomas Hardy
(c) Karl Mark
(d) R. L. Stevenson
Answer: B

226. Which is the shortest period of English literature?

(a) Romantic period
(b) Victorian age
(c) Restoration period
(d) none of the above
Answer: C

227. Who was American poet?

(a) Robert Frost
(b) John Keats
(c) John Milton
(d) Robert Herrick
Answer: A

228. English poet addicted to Opium was –

(a) Lord Byron
(b) Charles Kingsley
(c) S.T. Coleridge
(d) P.B. Shelly
Answer: C

229. What does ‘Canto’ means?

(a) a division of a play
(b) an act of a play
(c) a sub division of an epic
(d) none of the above
Answer: C

230. What is ‘Linguistics’?

(a) the study of literature
(b) the study of history
(c) the scientific study of language
(d) none of the above
Answer: C

231. What is ‘Catastrophe’?

(a) the comedic end of dramatic events
(b) the tragic end of dramatic events
(c) the comic and tragic end of the play
(d) none of the above
Answer: B

232. ‘Three score’ means –

(a) thirty times
(b) three hundred times
(c) three times twenty
(d) more than three
Answer: C

233. What is ‘Parable’?

(a) an allegorical story usually containing a moral lesson
(b) the basic unit of a composition
(c) a sense of distress
(d) none of the above
Answer: A

234. ‘Melodrama’ is a kind of play –

(a) of violent and sensational themes
(b) of pathetic themes
(c) of historical themes
(d) of philosophical themes
Answer: A

235. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever” occurs in –

(a) Eliot’s ‘The waste land’
(b) Keats’s ‘Endymion’
(c) Shelly’s ‘The Cloud’
(d) none of the above
Answer: B

236. “Justice delayed is justice denied” was stated by –

(a) Shakespeare
(b) Emerson
(c) Gladstone
(d) Disraeli
Answer: C

237. “To err is human; to forgive is divine” is said by –

(a) Alexander Pope
(b) John Dryden
(c) John Benson
(d) None
Answer: A

238. “Our sweetest songs are those of the tale of….”

(a) patriotic feeling
(b) heroic tales
(c) saddest thought
(d) romantic love
Answer: C

239. “Mortality is a private and costly luxury” is said by –

(a) Cowper
(b) Henry Adams
(c) John Milton
(d) Blake
Answer: B

240. Which of the following poet was not awarded the Nobel Prize?

(a) Eliot
(b) Yeats
(c) Rabindranath Tagore
(d) Milton
Answer: D

241. In Shakespeare tragedy, the hero is –

(a) an ordinary man
(b) a high ranking man
(c) a sacrilegious man
(d) none of these
Answer: B

242. ‘Couplet’ can occur in –

(a) short story
(b) essay
(c) poem
(d) novel
Answer: C

243. Who wrote ‘The preface for Tagore’s Gitanjali’?

(a) T.S. Eliot
(b) W.B. Yeats
(c) Byron
(d) Keats
Answer: B

244. Who got the Nobel Prize for literature in 2007?

(a) Becket
(b) Pinter
(c) Stoppard
(d) Lessing
Answer: D

245. Which of the following age in literary history is the latest?

(a) The Augustan Period
(b) The Victorian Age
(c) The Georgian Age
(d) The Restoration Age
Answer: C

246. Find the Odd one.

(a) Treasure Island
(b) The return of the Native
(c) Das Capital
(d) Adam Bede
Answer: C

247. Who is the author of the book ‘Waste land’?

(a) T.S. Eliot
(b) Shelly
(c) Earnest Hemingway
(d) Charles Dickens
Answer: A

248. Which one is the correct form below?

(a) Emma – Goethe
(b) Freedom – Shakespeare
(c) War and Peace – Tolstoy
(d) all the above
Answer: C

249. Who is the father of modern English Drama?

(a) G.B. Shaw
(b) John Milton
(c) Shakespeare
(d) Thomas Walt
Answer: A

250. Who is familiar as a poet of beauty?

(a) Lord Byron
(b) John Dryden
(c) John Keats
(d) None
Answer: C

Compilation: Mostafizar Moshtak

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