English Literature MCQ – 4

English Literature MCQ – 4

151. What do you mean by Climax?

(a) a peak of mountain
(b) a disaster of sea
(c) a kind of poem
(d) the moment of highest interest in a play
Answer: D

152. What do you mean by Diction?

(a) choice of words for writing
(b) choice of characters
(c) choice of rhythms
(d) choice of simile and metaphor
Answer: A

153. What do you mean by a Play or Drama?

(a) a literary lyric
(b) a literary work performing on a stage
(c) a literary prose fiction on stage
(d) a poem to the alter of God
Answer: B

154. What do you mean by Fable?

(a) a story of high thoughts
(b) a story about great men
(c) a general story
(d) a short story of animals for moral lesson
Answer: D

155. What is the term Fiction?

(a) a poem
(b) a prose
(c) an imaginative writing
(d) a story
Answer: C

156. What is a Miracle Play?

(a) a play of tragedy
(b) a play of comedy
(c) a play in fiction
(d) a supernatural religious drama
Answer: D

157. What is a Myth?

(a) a fictitious or imaginative story
(b) a legend of hero
(c) a short narrative poem
(d) a long narrative poem
Answer: A

158. What do you mean by Pathos or Catharsis? 

(a) a sorrowful event
(b) a murder in a tragedy
(c) an adventure of hero
(d) arouse of pity and fear
Answer: D

159. What is Novella? 

(a) a short story of drama
(b) a short narrative poem
(c) a short narrative fictional prose
(d) an essay of satire
Answer: A

160. What the term Objectivity refers?

(a) Impersonal expression in literary works
(b) individual
(c) personal expression in works
(d) disinterested person
Answer: A

161. What the term Oxymoron refers?

(a) two same ideas are combined
(b) self-contradictory ideas
(c) two language
(d) two contradictory ideas express one thing
Answer: D

162. Pastoral Poem refers a poem about….life.

(a) human
(b) poet’s
(c) shepherd or rural
(d) personal
Answer: C

163. What do you mean by Plot?

(a) a drama of comedy
(b) a disposal of characters
(c) a short novel
(d) arrangement of incidents in a writing
Answer: D

164. What the term Renaissance refers?

(a) revival or rebirth
(b) representation
(c) presentation
(d) rebel
Answer: A

165. What do you mean by Protagonist?

(a) the character against main character i.e. Antagonist
(b) the villain of drama
(c) the minor character
(d) the main character in a literary work
Answer: D

166. What do you mean by Prose?

(a) a writing without rhyme
(b) a writing with rhyme
(c) a writing of verse
(d) a writing of rhythms
Answer: A

167. What do you mean by Quatrain?

(a) a poem of fourteen lines
(b) a stanza of fourteen lines
(c) a stanza of six lines
(d) a stanza of four lines
Answer: D

168. A sub-division of a poem is called –

(a) meter
(b) foot
(c) mythology
(d) none of these
Answer: D

169. Simile is the direct comparison between two –

(a) similar things
(b) dissimilar things
(c) elaborate comparison
(d) contradictory things
Answer: B

170. What the term Comedy refers?

(a) a play ends unhappily
(b) a play ends with murder
(c) a play ends tragedy
(d) a play ends happily
Answer: D

171. What do you mean by Synecdoche?

(a) a figurative story
(b) a story by animal characters
(c) a figure of speech stands for whole thing
(d) none
Answer: C

172. Dramatic Monologue stands for –

(a) comparison between dissimilar things
(b) a kind of fable
(c) single
(d) single speaker speak but audience remain silent
Answer: D

173. What the term Short Story stands for?

(a) a long prose fiction
(b) a story of figurative language
(c) a story of many characters
(d) a short prose fiction
Answer: D

174. What do you mean by Novel?

(a) short prose
(b) a long fictional prose with many characters
(c) a short narrative prose
(d) a literary work on the stage
Answer: B

175. What do you mean by Phonetics?

(a) study of speech sounds
(b) study of language and rules
(c) study of insects
(d) study of meaning and syntax
Answer: A

176. What do you mean by Syntax?

(a) study of speech sounds
(b) study of meaning of words
(c) study of constructing sentence
(d) constructing passage
Answer: C

177. The another name of Revenge tragedy or producer is –

(a) Sophocles
(b) Euripides
(c) Homer
(d) Senecan tragedy
Answer: D

178. What do you mean by Prologue?

(a) the last part of any drama
(b) the first chapter of play
(c) the preface or introduction of any writing
(d) surface
Answer: C

179. What do you mean by Romance?

(a) any work of fiction or imagination
(b) a real life story
(c) any work of literature
(d) a play or a drama
Answer: A

180. What do you mean by Irony?

(a) a satiric imitation
(b) a burlesque imitation
(c) a kind of parody
(d) difference between reality and appearance
Answer: D

181. What the term Mock Epic refers? 

(a) a satiric writing of drama
(b) a long narrative poem
(c) a literary work comically imitates the style of epic
(d) none
Answer: C

182. What do you mean by Linguistics?

(a) study of languages and its rules
(b) study of sounds
(c) study of speech sounds
(d) study of meaning
Answer: A

183. What do you mean by Imagery?

(a) language perceived through senses
(b) jargoned writing
(c) language of literature
(d) drawing pictures
Answer: A

184. What do you mean by Plagiarism?

(a) a story builder
(b) a short story
(c) a literary theft
(d) a criticism of literature
Answer: C

185. What is Quinzaine?

(a) a fourteen line stanza
(b) a twenty line stanza
(c) a thirteen line stanza
(d) a fifteen line stanza
Answer: D

186. What do you mean by Deus ex Machina?

(a) process of analyzing literature
(b) literary theft
(c) process of solving problem abruptly
(d) choice of words
Answer: C

187. What do you mean by Hyperbole?

(a) a long verse
(b) a long narrative poem
(c) an overriding view
(d) an overstatement about something
Answer: D

188. What do you mean by Heroic Couplet?

(a) a pair of rhyming iambic pentameter
(b) a two line stanza
(c) a poem of lamentation
(d) a song for mourning
Answer: A

189. What do you mean by Romanticism?

(a) movement of daily life affairs
(b) movement for classics
(c) movement of poem
(d) movement for imagination over reason
Answer: D

190. What do you mean by Beast Fable?

(a) a fictional story of animal characters
(b) a short story
(c) a long narrative prose
(d) a soft style epic
Answer: A

191. Short Story differs from a Novel by the figures of –

(a) Length and Characters
(b) prose and fiction
(c) verse and rhymes
(d) rhythms and prosody
Answer: A

192. Objectivity stands for –

(a) personal expression
(b) impersonal expression
(c) immature communication
(d) matured notion
Answer: B

193. Prosody signifies the systematic study of –

(a) drama
(b) novel
(c) short story
(d) versification
Answer: D

194. Compatriot means –

(a) comrade
(b) classmate
(c) fellow country man
(d) friend
Answer: C

195. The arrangement of events in the order of their occurrence is –

(a) Chronometer
(b) Chorology
(c) Chronicle
(d) Choreography
Answer: C

196. What do you mean by an Elegy?

(a) a poem of happy ending
(b) a poem of unhappy ending
(c) a song of praising God
(d) a song of Mourning the dead
Answer: D

197. What do you mean by Tragicomedy?

(a) a kind of verse play
(b) a play with unhappy ending
(c) blending of tragic and comic elements
(d) mixture of dramas
Answer: C

198. What is Epistolary Novel?

(a) a novel of short length
(b) a novel personal feelings
(c) a Novella
(d) a novel of correspondence among the characters
Answer: D

199. What the term Humor refers?

(a) anything causes laughter
(b) amazing
(c) wonder
(d) rapture
Answer: A

200. “Reading makes a full man, conference a ready man, and writing an exact man.” – Who told it?

(a) Shakespeare
(b) Chaucer
(c) Spenser
(d) Bacon
Answer: D

Compilation: Mostafizar Moshtak

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