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English Literature MCQ – 9

English Literature MCQ – 9 401. The novel ‘The Jungle Book’ is written by – (a) R. K. Narayan (b) Edin Blyton (c) Rudyard Kipling (d) H. G. Wells Correct Answer: C 402. “Fair is foul, and foul is fair”- quoted from? (a) Macbeth (b) As you like It (c) …

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English Literature MCQ -8

English Literature MCQ -8 351. What is the term Utopia? (a) a hat of a king (b) a day dreamer (c) a lotus eater (d) an ideal state which does not exist in real Correct Answer: D 352. What is Anatomy? (a) study of limbs of body (b) study of …

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English Literature MCQ – 7

English Literature MCQ – 7 301. Firdausi was the poet of – (a) Persian (b) English (c) French (d) Italy Answer: A 302. Oedipus is written by the dramatist – (a) Aristophanes (b) Homer (c) Ovid (d) Sophocles Answer: D 303. A Machiavellian character is a – (a) honest person …

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English Literature MCQ – 6

English Literature MCQ – 6 251. Who was not the famous poet of the age of Romanticism? (a) Coleridge (b) Byron (c) Shelley (d) Shakespeare Answer: D 252. Who is the greatest modern English dramatist? (a) John Milton (b) Homer (c) G.B. Shaw (d) Eliot Answer: C 253. What is …

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English Literature MCQ- 3

English Literature MCQ- 3 101. Who wrote the book ‘Lord Jim: A Tale? (a) Oscar Wilde (b) Joseph Conrad (c) Thomas Hardy (d) Rudyard Kipling Answer: B 102. Tennyson wrote – [থানা শিক্ষা অফিসার – ১৯৯৯] (a) Dover Beach (b) My last Duchess (c) The Eve of St. Agnes (d) …

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